Over Slot Red Slam! Ft Pierce 5/23/13

Met up today with Nick (ShallowWaterAssassin on the FS forum), launched and headed towards one of my favorate flats thats been producing lately. Found the mullet and we began working the schools with topwaters. No more than five min in and nick gets a huge explosion on his topwater but it didnt stick unfortunatly. I finally get a nice hit but didnt stick so i slowed the bait down and sure enough here comes a huge wake behind the bait and then gets nailed, fish on! Takes me on a nice little ride before landing it and it ends up being a slob redfish measuring right at 29'', probably would have went 30'' if its tail wasnt so chewed up. Got some pics with the GoPro and sent her on her way.

We continued without any bites so we moved to the west side to escape the wind and fish some docks and grass flats. We caught about a half dozen or so small to average sized trout on MirroDeans and kept pushing north in search of some bigger fish. Crossed back to the east side when the wind died around 10 or 11. Headed to a mosquito impoundment outflow that was flowing out hard. Picked up about a 22'' trout in the flow, worth of a GoPro shot.

After getting some hits but no success at the culvert, we turned south and began the trip back. On the way I saw a nice little mangrove cut that looked fishy so I threw the super spook jr in there and imediatly got attacked by small snook. Threw a gold DOA Cal in to pick one off to complete my slam for the day, (first slam in the new Slayer).

Over all a great day especially when you get to fish with someone new and learn new techniques and tactics, Tight lines!


  • yakhunteryakhunter Posts: 138 Deckhand
    Great report! How do you like the Slayer? I've had my eye on them. Seems like a sweet boat.
  • ChobeeboysChobeeboys Posts: 417 Officer
    Nice Report, and great looking red.
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  • evergladeskid243evergladeskid243 Posts: 269 Deckhand
    yakhunter wrote: »
    Great report! How do you like the Slayer? I've had my eye on them. Seems like a sweet boat.

    So far, i love the slayer you really should go demo one, its really worth it. I came from a MantaRay 14, good boat, but fishing in the slayer is a dream. Super stable, high low seating, and tons of easy access storage which doesnt seem like a big deal but its alot easier on me and over all makes me more efficient throughout the day. I let Nick(ShallowWaterAssassin) give her a try and he was hooked on the Slayer almost imediatly. Very good boat, Native really hit a home run with this one.
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