Looking to share a trip

Capt. ScottCapt. Scott Posts: 94 Greenhorn
Hey guys,

I have a client that would like to find a partner willing to split a three day offshore fly fishing trip sometime in the next two months. We'll be targeting dolphin, false albacore, blackfin and skipjack tuna, king mackerel as well as other assorted sundries.
His name is Bruce [email protected]

Anyone interested give him a call and we will then work out the schedule...

Capt. Scott Hamilton


  • sunflowersunflower Posts: 491 Deckhand
    I will look into this ...


    grace finds goodness in everything ...

  • Capt. ScottCapt. Scott Posts: 94 Greenhorn
    Here is some additional info the client has asked be added:

    "70 yo male Bangor, Maine native with 50 years fly fishing experience and 45 years of salt water fly fishing experience needs one or two partners to help defray expenses. I would like to fish with Capt. Scott Hamilton
    (fly fishing extremes) for three consecutive days in late July or August. I will tentatively stay in the Sailfish Marina and he will pick us up from there. I have fished with him previously with my absolutely nimrod brother in law and he kept both of us in fish all day long. It was a great experience. Here was a man who guided an experienced saltwater flyfisher and a rank beginner with equal skill. I was very impressed. I very much want to fish with him again and can't do so unless I can find someone to fish with me.

    I am a clinical, forensic and school psychologist and martial artist,as well as bowhunter, except when I am fly fishing. The hell with a picture. I look like a relatively muscular 70 year old, and seem to get along with most everybody. Contact me if you are interested since there are air tickets, room reservations, etc.
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