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Argentina Dove Hunt (Cordoba) for 5 for sale - $4000

My hunting club purchased this at a NWTF charity event at the end of March. We are unable to coordinate schedules. Currently have the week of August 18 reserved, however, it may be rebooked up until the end of March 2014. Includes 5 star accommodations, food, adult beverages, guide services, transportation to and from the Cordoba airport. A $14,000 value! We are asking what we paid at auction - $4000.


  • badbullgatorbadbullgator Posts: 1,585 Captain
    Great hunt and great outfitters. Anyone going should know that you will also easily shoot 1000 shots a day at $13-14/box. Five day can easily run you $3000+. Hunting licenses are $50-70 a day. Gun permits are $100/day if you bring your own or $60-75 a day to rent.

    Sorry to trying to hate on your post. This is a really good deal even with the additional cost. It is a hunt of a lifetime. Just know the package is a just part. We knew ahead of time when we went, but some others there I think we're shocked at the extras. If you have the money jump on it.
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