Trying the gurgler

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Well I have tried to make a gurgler in the past and have never liked my result so I went out and bought one to try and remake it and I think I have it down. I wanted orange where the pink is but I don't have any orange material so I had to settle. I think a few strands of orange crystal flash if I can find it. Also I need some bigger eyes but the fly shop only had these small ones so I thats what I used. Tried it out in the pool just like this and worked nicely. I think I may have it.
A couple other patterns that I have been tying to pass the time. I really like how the Sf flash baitfish turned out. It as already caught bass and now needs to see if snook like it too. The minnow fly is by far my best fly. Everything of all sizes eat it and I have had a lot of success with it.


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    Good looking gurgler. You might want to raise that forward portion by the hook eye a bit so that it will "talk" better when moving it slowly. I use nothing but a Mustad 34007 hook for the ones we use...
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  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 820 Officer
    When you say raise that forward portion do you mean more wraps under that section to life it higher? I need some better foam also cuz this is just cheep stuff I got from walmart that is really thin. It works but can rip easy and while using it today some in a local pond the forward section would sometimes bend backwards. Then bass still ate it in the middle of the day so it is working.
    When you work the gurgler do use just go pop pop pop or do you like to pop then let it sit a second. I noticed if i pop pop pop i get less of a pop each time i think due to the form and that from part not being raised enough like you said. Thanks for the pointers. Shrimp Gurgler 2.0 will be coming as soon as I can get over to the fly shop.
  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 820 Officer
    Didn't make a new gurgler today but did have a fun with a ep baitfish. I knew learning to color inside the lines would pay off.
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    Now that's a cute little rascal.
    What kind of markers are you using? Most of what I try washes off.
  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 820 Officer
    I just use sharpies. It can wash off easy depending on what material you color. I usually coat the lure twice to really let it soak into the fibers.
    That fly is more for show but the color is pretty good for bass and sometimes the snook have a go at it too
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