Checked by Lee Co Sheriffs boat!



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    I try to out run them in the skinny when they try to pull me over.

    Not surprised.... from a guy that thinks only Muslums are defiant Law breakers.
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    Scoutboat wrote: »
    You're absolutely right!!
    Anyone who doesn't agree with your paranoid tea party ideas is an idiot with a midget mentality and needs to be watched! By whom?? You??
    You gotta be kidding me!
    You represent yourself as a professional real estate agent?
    Good luck!

    Actually I don't represent myself as any more than a regular person with common sense. However, it sounds to me like you have quite an agenda and that "midget mentality" to go with it now that you have had your hissy fit. Narrowly focused on bashing everyone you disagree with and no reasonable or rational basis to do so. Sound familiar.

    Must have been a real shortage in the gene pool ..... I see you passed it along to ... just another knee jerk reactionary.

    As you point out in another thread ... it may be time for your personal protection equipment ... go here I think it is "right for you":

    What government agency did you say you work for?
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    This is a fishing forum & I thought bashing was not allowed. Where are the moderators? Please put a stop to this.
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    This is the kinder and gentler moderated FS. Its better for pages views.
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    It used to take a man 12 beers to be 10 ft tall ... Now it only takes a keyboard and a forum
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    This has gotten good! Always get to see people's true colors, even on a forum. BotTom line is, yes they are doing their job, and no they don't need that many guys on one boat. Waste of money!! Mine and yours. At least they asked for safety equipment and what not. I get pulled 99% of the time if I pass an FWC or other Leo boat on the way in. 30 ft boat and 5 guys, all 25 years old or less, guaranteed to pull me over. Never ask for ANYTHiNG except want to look at my fish, and then they end up pooping all over themselves when I open the box. I did have them once ask for my I.D and nobody else. Basically I get profiled every time. I have nothing to hide so come and check my stuff, and you shouldn't have a prob with it either if you have nothing to hide. they are trying to protect your fishery, but YES the show of force was a little much with all those guys. Play nice and fish right. Cry babies stay home!!
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    No reply to this nonsense.
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    Not that you guys really care, but the BDU's are alot more comfortable than wearing the crappy polyester road patrol uniforms, just like body armor in a tactical carrier is way more comfortable than a vest worn inside the uniform.

    PBSO wears a modified BDU uniform that looks and feels a lot like Columbia fishing outfits and I'm sure their **** comfortable.

    BTW- last I heard the USCG is part of Homeland Security and before that US Department of Transportation and before that the Department of the Treasury, only a part of the Armed Sevices (Navy) during a time of war.

    Finally (to me) a stop on the water is no different than a traffic stop on land......Have PC for the stop, run me, clear me and then release me....unless your "check" turned up violations.

    I'm cool, if throughout the stop, I'm treated with courtesy & professionalism.
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    Lt.FireDog wrote: »
    Not that you guys really care, but the BDU's are alot more comfortable than wearing the crappy polyester road patrol uniforms, just like body armor in a tactical carrier is way more comfortable than a vest worn inside the uniform.

    PBSO wears a modified BDU uniform that looks and feels a lot like Columbia fishing outfits and I'm sure their **** comfortable.

    Never considered the comfort thing, good point. Like nurses wearing scrubs.
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    So buy them Columbias just like some police depts wear polos. The point is the image prtrayed, and if they wanted breathable comfortable clothing that is capable of duty they could just wear polos or even a Columbia type shirt and pants.

    There is a mentality behind modeling your uniform after the military. To attempt to water down the CG as not a branch of the military is a stretch; it isnt like the US Forestry Service runs around with .50 cals on their vehicles. Which is a good example, even LEOs don't have .50s or .30 cals on their dept boats (yet) Does the CG have to read someone their Miranda rights when taking them into custody? Very simple- miltary doesn't / LEO does.

    I am not knocking the LEO for what they do or how they act, just saying there is a definite line that should alays be clear between civilian LEO and US military in appearance, duty, and mentality.
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    Exactly... it goes innocent until proven guilty and that is after a crime is charged... not trying to prove yourself innocent without breaking a law...
    See the entire mindset of this country has changed to where if you question "authority" you are automatically suspicious. I don't know about you, b u t when I was a CHILD my parents were my "authority" and now as an adult I am that for my children. There is no need for law enforcement enfringement without causality. Land of the free??? I think not. This is now the land of the spy on your neighbor because every **** wants to be james bond. The usa=militarization of the population with most of the mindset of you are with us or "them". This is a sickness.
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    magnum06 wrote: »
    It cracks me up to hear such a professional real estate broker talk about moral bankruptcy. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black!!!!! Real estate agent and morals, thats funny. How about telling them thank you for trying to keep our waters safe!!! If you don't like it, try another country, nobody is holding you hostage!!!!

    You sound like a scared child. You essentially said you are with us or "them" ". WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF?
    The real "American" questions the abuse and spy tactics.
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    This is the kinder and gentler moderated FS. Its better for pages views.

    The Green Lantern was good also for page views.
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    CALMSEAS wrote: »

    Cry babies are always looking for an excuse call foul................

    I've been fishing Lee county waters for 30 yrs........I have been stopped by all the authority agency's at one time or another .

    But I'm not going to post it on our forum looking for some sympathy because I'm a good guy.
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    red_magnet wrote: »
    It used to take a man 12 beers to be 10 ft tall ... Now it only takes a keyboard and a forum

    Not really. A CWP is all that is needed.
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    I don't normally get involved but...

    I am very outspoken on many forums, fronts and avenues about our government, law enforcement agencies and agents but when it comes to patroling our waterways and shores, it is absolutely necessary to have officers, guardsmen and agents with heavy gear and arms out there.
    Our shoreline is our border. It is a border which is crossed both in and out thousands of times daily without a customs or immigration.
    Performing a "safety check" is the perfect guise to check ID's and to observe people's actions and demeanor for possible wrong doing.

    Is there a potential for abuse of power?
    Of course there is and if the OP had stated as such, I'd be here screaming out it.

    I've been stopped before and I'm sure I'll be stopped again but if I ever need assistance, I'll be happy to see them out there.
    Until then, I'll deal with the inconvenience for the safety and security they afford us.

    I'll get off my soapbox now.
    Tight lines and fair seas.
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    The only time I have seen more then 4 on a LEO boat (and agree with the money being spent to justify the means) is the DHS when they are going out to find drug runners in the gulf. I always ask if there is room for a ride along (myself) and maybe my weapon of choice 6'6" temple fork outfitters with a pen BATTLE loaded with red 20lb power pro and seagar flourocarbon. :fishing
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    Hate to derail the thread, but some more LEO BS.
    This past sunday, my dad was pulling the boat to our business to load up on gear while I drove my car behind to leave there for connivence later. It was 3am and we were gonna head down to key largo. Right as we pulled in front of out business this sheriff car pulls me over right as my dad is backing up the boat. Officer walks up to me and says "What are you doing here," my response getting our gear ready to drive down to the keys. I give my registration as my car is registered under business and any competent and observant person would notice the giant 6' lit up sign in front of the business. The officer walked up to my dad, and said " Hey boss, get out of the vehicle now, and go sit in the other one." The officer then walks back to her patrol car when two more squad cars show up, and walks back to our vehicle. She says, "There was a report of a truck IDENTICAL to yours stealing 5-6 boats in Fort Myers." To which we responded, go run my trailer plates and let us go as we have to be on the road soon." About 10 minutes go by, she tells my dad to walk with her to the back of the trailer. Few more minutes go by and they drove off, no apologies or anything. Should have taken her badge # as we were treated like criminals from the get go.
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    Guilty till proven inocent? yea
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