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WTB: Glock 36

Hey all,

I'm looking for a G36 in good shape... Please let me know.



  • jayseasjayseas Posts: 815 Officer
    Would you be interested in a Model 30SF ?
  • mitzi17mitzi17 Posts: 60 Deckhand
    Yes maybe. What you got? How does the size compare?
  • jayseasjayseas Posts: 815 Officer
    Size is nearly the same in length and height but best to compare at the Glock web page. The G30sf (Slim Frame) is a sub compact .45 with 10+1 rnd capacity, over 6+1 found on G36. I have the SF30 with all that came with it when purchased, plus grip extentions on both mags as well as a over size slide lever. The aftermarket slide lever is much improved over stock and allows quicker reloads. Gun is perfect and runs like a machine. Shoots everything I have ran through it and has never misfired.

    The Glock 30 sits and doesn't get out much so I am thinking of selling, dependant on getting a fair price. I have over well over $600 in it, and want $550. Comes with case, 2 mags, lock, all paperwork plus 20 rounds of self defense ammo and even a off the body carry holster. Sale to be face to face with signed bill of sale, with DL or CWP perferred.

    If interested call Jimmy 772 341-5815
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