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4th Annual Florida Youth Outdoor Experience - Need Cast Netters

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I'm desperately seeking someone who can come and do a cast netting seminar on June 1 from 9-3 for this event. The cast netter who was coming has broken his wrist and can not throw a net now. Anyone interested in teaching the art of cast netting to around 350 kids would be greatly appreciated. See the event flyer below for details.



4th Annual Florida Youth Outdoor Experience
FWC’s Ocala Youth Camp
Sponsored by: US Sportsmen's Alliance & Florida Wildlife Commission
June 1, 2013 9 am – 3 pm
We would like to take this opportunity to inform and invite you to participate in the 4nd Annual 2013 Florida Youth Outdoor Experience! We hope you will pass this along to your friends & family so that they too can enjoy a day of outdoor adventure and leave with a yearning for more information & involvement in our great Florida sporting and outdoor heritage.

On-line registration is available at the following website:


On-site registration begins at 8:00 am. The day's events and seminars will start at 9:00 am on the hour & half hour. Lunch will be served at noon under the “Pavilion”. Demonstrations resume at 1:00 pm.


Children will see and participate in the following:

* Duck Hunting *Archery Range * Turkey Hunting * Fishing * Frogging
* Alligator Hunting *Rifle & Shotgun * Fur Trapping * Fly Tying * Wildlife Displays
* Photography *First Aide/Survival * Duck Calling * Deer Hunting * Hog Hunting
* Quail Hunting *Fly casting *Law Enforcement * Dog Handling * Game Call Making
*Kayaking/Canoeing *Cast netting * Videography * And Much More...

We look forward to see you and your children at this event. If you have any questions or wish to preregister, please call or email me any time at the number and address below.


Chuck Echenique, Event Coordinator
(813) 918-7610
[email protected]
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I had you pissed off at hello.


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