No Wake Laws

seajay-1seajay-1 Posts: 4,736 Captain
What is the procedure and what agencies are involved when designating a waterway or Creek a NO WAKE ZONE?


  • slapshotslapshot Posts: 172 Officer
    It depends on the reason for the ISNW zone or SSMW zone. Bridges, etc are usually set by the county waterway management office. If it's for manatees, etc, that usually come from the state (FWC, etc). It isn't something they just will throw the signs up for. There needs to be a good reason to justify it.
  • BlovigatorBlovigator Posts: 185 Deckhand
    In the intracoastal waterway there are only two reasons that they can institute slow zones: 1) safety (ie. boat ramp) 2) Manatees. The latter is used all the time to get slow zones for other reasons. The Corp of Engineers are not supposed to put zones in place for property damage; noise or reasons specific to property owners on the intracoastal are irrelevant unless of course your a billionaire and donate lots of money to the local politicians campaign or pocket.

    The Florida Rep from the Corp. explained to us at a public forum that the intracoastal is supposed to be treated just like I95 and they obviously aren't going to slow parts of the interstate because of complaints from the residents that live along it. He even gave two examples where a Dock was being damaged by the wave action/boat activity and they agreed and gave the owners of the dock 30 days to remove it as it was a navigation hazard. Another complained about a sea wall and they agreed and gave them 30 days to replace it with a grated beach.
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