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Native Manta Ray 14

Native Manta Ray 14 foot with paddle and two Scotty rod holders. Use a few times. Nice kayak for offshore. Fastest of the Native kayaks. $850.00 Phone No. 561-951-2667 Now 750.00 or best offer.





Manta Ray 14
A faster sit-on-top kayak.
Got some water to cover? The Manta Ray 14 is the fastest in the family. It's also the payload master with lots of dry storage up front, and a generous, recessed deck in the back, plus two day hatches within easy reach. Deluxe DVC (Drains, Vents, Cushions) is the best sit-on-top seat, drier and cushier than anything you've tried before, we're certain. Whether you're pulling an overnighter or fishing all day, this is the sit-on-top kayak for you. Performance Promise - Fast, with a stable ride - Sit-on-top convenience — easy on/off - Comfortable support for rear end and lower back - Seat self-drains and vents - Boat self-bails

Length: 14' 7"
445 cm

Width: 28"
71 cm

Weight: 69 lbs
31 kg

Depth @ Beam: 12"
30 cm

Capacity: 375 lbs
170 kg


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