Flounder gigging questions

Over the last month I've installed some led flood lights on the boat for night time flounder gigging. As my first attempt last night I combed about 4 miles area. Unfortunately I didn't see a single flounder and honestly didn't see much life in the shallows at all. The tide was out. My question is what's the best time to go and what areas are seasonally best? After last night I'm assuming they are either in too deep of water now or riding the tide in and out of the pass???


  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,039 Moderator
    I like a higher tide.

    Fall is my favorite time, but mid to late summer can be good. I'm no pro, but I think you basically want to focus more inland in summer and closer to gulf as things cool off in the fall.

    I have zero experience in the spring, but I suspect they may be staying deep in more stable water temps as they come back in the bay. That being said, there are now all kinds of bait on shallow grass flats now, so what was dead for you last time may be good very soon.
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  • fireant21fireant21 Posts: 30 Deckhand
    I usually dont start till water temps are above 78 deg, but a friend of mine starts when they are above 60. I like to wade some, instead of the boat all night so I like the warmer water. More smaller fish early on too. Like big tides with new moon best. But high tides otherwise.
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