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Can I take my kids power wheels to the beach?

BrentspeedgsxrBrentspeedgsxr Posts: 262 Deckhand
I was out at the beach the other day with my wife and kids, saw a few people there with their dogs which Im pretty sure wasnt allowed. Anyways, there was jelly fish the man of war type all over the place. It was like walking in a mine field, with a 2 and 4 year old it was less than relaxing.

So it got me thinking, when my wife and I walk our dogs we let me 4 year old drive his big Power Wheels Jeep (ya know, pow pow power wheels) thing around the neighborhood with us while we walk the dogs. It keeps him and his little bro occupied and makes it much easier to walk the pooches.

Im wondering, if I took his jeep to the beach with us, would we get in any sort of troube for that? Im pretty sure theres a rule against having vehicles on the beach, but I wasnt sure if that would apply to something little and battery powered for kids.

Any thoughts?

BTW Im located in Melbourne... so would be thinking either cocoa beach, melbourne, or south towards sebastian more if theres a place I could do this.


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