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Shark Fishing Boca Grande

pretzelbpretzelb Posts: 120 Deckhand
I am a "Northerner" here who comes here a few times a year. I was wondering on opinions for best bait/method for getting Bulls,Blacktips and Spinner sharks. I usually drift with a drift anchor in the shallows along Bull Bay and sometimes around the Pass itself. I dont chum much and tend to use Ladyfish mostly and have some decent success doing that. I often hear from guys at Fishin Franks that I need to go to the Charlotte Harbor "Deep Holes" and anchor with tons of chum..Any other opinions on different methods? Ladyfish a good bait? or is Spanish or Bonitta better..Maybe Rays? Just curious.


  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,668 Captain
    Bonita for the Bulls.
  • Bnixon11Bnixon11 Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Ray wings are great shark bait. I've used the tail end of cut catfish with pretty good luck too.
  • ReelinrudyReelinrudy Posts: 298 Deckhand
    The big bulls and hammers are there for tarpon; they will be found in a variety of locations, but your best bet is to fish the deep water of the pass and nearby where they will be shadowing the tarpon schools. You can find them off the beach, but they should be more concentrated in the pass. Blacktips are easy, just anchor a few hundred yards off the beach and you'll probably find them. They won't be after the tarpon, as they are smaller and look for mullet, macks, ladyfish, etc off the beach. You will still find plenty in the pass however. So you have to decide what you want to focus on more. If you want big bulls and maybe a shot at a hammer, fish the pass with fresh bonita, stingray wings, or even live stingrays. Chumming only adds to the appeal of your spread but make sure you are well away from the beach. I have also heard of some guys down there waiting for a shark to chase another boats hooked-up tarpon, and then pitch to it, but I'm sure that could get tricky.
  • Shark bittenShark bitten Posts: 211 Deckhand
    Spanish mackerel works pretty good and will be in the Boca pass area. Catch a couple of those and a couple rays. Both will work for Jew fish if the sharks won't bite to. Be careful the big sharks like to bite ppl and boats.
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