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The best reels...inshore and off, Cobia to Flounder

Josh85Josh85 Posts: 377 Officer
This is totally my personal opinion, but I gotta throw it out there. Quantum cabo PTS reels are the business. It will spank any reels even close to its price range. Itll spank Penns and Shimanos allll day long(any model). I know, I know, im going to get blasted by penn and shimano lovers-but its the truth. I have 4 of them now. I got one of the 20's for a gift and used it for like 5 years DAILY, and it never missed a beat. It got stolen, and when I didnt have my go-to reel I was miserable. I swore I would never fish another reel. They are a POWERHOUSE! Its a big reel in a little reels body. They are slightly heavier-but if your rod is a good fit(balance)-then it shouldnt bother you. Seriously though, if you have never used one of these reels, and your a serious fisherman-your missing out. If you do buy one-all of your reels are going to be stuffed in the closet. They are a little pricy, but you wont regret it. One of their 40's would bring in cobia nicely-a 60 series? Pssshh youll be reeling him with ease....their drag on them is astronomical

- If you can get your hands on a PTS 20, which they dont make anymore, load it with 30lb powerpro and its a jig flipping machine....


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