Hello all, questions regarding fishing around St. Andrews park

Staying at St. Andrews in about a month. Have had all my rod and reel questions answered on the forum and searching. The questions I have remaining are regarding the jetties. What are the preferred methods of fishing the jetty? Don't want to get hung up every cast.
Also, are there any spots on the bay side of the park to wade fish. Can't get a good idea of how the water is from google maps.

I know.My second stop is half hitch.
Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Red FishRed Fish Posts: 1,163 Officer
    There's a couple ways to fish the jetties without getting hung up. It is inevitable you will get hung up but this can help you minimize it:
    When you decide to reel in, reel really fast.
    Cast far.
    I have caught a lot of reds just drifting a live bait free lined with the current.

    The flats behind the campground is always good for some fish. There are some very deep pot holes. Try and do a little scouting of those holes and look for the big trout to be hanging close to the bottom of them.
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  • bro24bro24 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Thanks ,red fish.
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