Panama City Beach County Pier "Late Bite"

I was in a meeting most of today and after getting done I drove over to the County Pier on Panama City Beach. On the way I called a buddy and told him my intent and he decided to meet me there after he got off from work at 5:00pm.

I got to the pier just before 5 and made enough blind cast to get 2 pomp jigs cut off by Spanish when Wade arrived. Nothing in the box at 5:15pm.

The water was not very clean or clear enough to just sight fish so we blind cast for the first hour and got one fish. As the sun went down behind us we moved toward the beach and both of us gained much better visibility into the water. It was getting late and we managed 4 between us before dark.

No hogs but good solid pomps.

Within 2 hours they were clean and dressed for Dinner.



  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,189 Officer
    Nice way to spend an evening after work.........I, on the other hand, cut grass after work yesterday till dark.

    Livin' the Dream !
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