Pensacola Beach Pier Going Off

I had to stop by the Pensacola Beach Pier to deliver some Pompano Jigs for my son yesterday. After I got the jigs to the pier store I asked had the Pompano gotten to the point of being reliable yet? The attendant looked at me with a very serious face and stated...."They are Going OFF". I walked back the truck and picked out a half dozen jigs and retrieved a rod that I keep in the truck for such times as these and walked back, paid my fare and made my way to what is called the Pompano hole by the locals.

I sat my soft cooler down and started to tie on a pink pompano jig all the while keeping attention to the other anglers that were steadily working jigs in an effort to achieve the same thing I was hoping to accomplish. Just as I finished my prep to fish the guy beside me sat up on a very good pompano and I simply sent my fresh pink jig to the water behind his hooked fish and I only had to bounce it one time and we were both tight to good sized Pompano. The hit a Pompano makes on a jig is something that I can't seem to apply the right words to in an effort to describe what it feels like. On a jig the strike is incredible, fast, hard, ton of bricks, freight train and all that stuff combined. They are incredible fish. I end up getting my Pompano to the top of the water right below me and while waiting for the net the hook pulls. It's not too bad as there seemed to be plenty more where that one came from so I send the pink jig right back 30 yards from the pier and to the bottom.

Several cast and a bunch of bounces on the bottom I look down and notice that even though the water is silty and not real clear I can see the bottom between wave swells. As I bounced the pink jig keeping it as close the bottom as I could I tried my best to keep an eye on the bottom as each wave trough passed by me. Not much later several of the anglers closer to the beach than I hooked up and it seemed that I could almost see where the pompano were as the anglers closer to my position hooked up in order as the fish made their way down the east side of the pier toward me. I watched as sharply as I could and in the trough of the next wave seen a pod of fish and I promptly put my pink jig out in front of their path and waited as they approached my pink jig as it much more patiently than I, waited on the bottom. As they got to the point I felt they would see my jig move, I lightly bounced it off the bottom and as it fell back toward the bottom my rod doubled over in protest of the attack that was made on the little pink jig. The Pompano ran 40 yards or so and then all to well used it's broad side resist being lead back toward me by the 6lb mono that attached us to each other. After a couple more runs and lots of bulldogging this one laid on top of the water below me and the net made to the waters surface before this Pompano could escape. Now I have a 3+ pound Pompano in the cooler as an anchor and the hopes of a great dinner on my mind.

As I fished I spoke to the guys around me, some I already knew some I met for the first time. We worked together much like all 30 or so, of us were there as a group. We netted each other's fish, helped each other manage keeping up with running fish and more or less fished as if we were all in the same boat. It amazes me that so many anglers can fish in such a small area and it be so organized and enjoyable. It was a real pleasure fishing with those guys.

A Really Big "Thanks" to the Pier Attendant.....You were very much right....."They Were GOING OFF".

Although it wasn't a long "fishing trip" I filled my limit of Pompano and went back to what I was supposed to be doing in the first place.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble and hopefully one day I will meet you somewhere outside....


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