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2013 Wild West Kingfish Tournament Series

There are several different threads on here about the Wild West so I decided to consolidate the info into one to make it easier to get the info you may be looking for about the series.

Registration is open for the 2013 series and will be open up until the 1st Captain's Meeting on April 4th.

Teams will be required to sign up for the entire series in order to fish the Wild West. (Teams will not be able to fish just one or two tournaments like we allowed last year). So when you go into the year you know up front exactly what you are fishing for at each tournament, no guessing how many boats will sign up, how much the payouts will be, etc.

We have expanded the # of boats that can register to 35 this year. We are currently at 25 boats registered for the event. At a 25 boat field the payouts will be as follows per tournament:
1st Place: $6250
2nd Place: $3750
3rd Place: $2500

The Aggregate Prize at the end of the year will pay out as follows:
1st Place: $5000
2nd Place: $3000
3rd Place: $2000

(these #'s do not include any TWTs)

If more teams enter, the payouts will increase accordingly. This is a 100% payback tournament.

Along with the above prize winnings, the following are additional prizes being given out:
* 3 night stay in the Bahamas for Aggregate winner courtesy of Aylesworth Fish & Bait
* Mercury engine courtesy of First Choice Marine
* Angler's Raffle (this is just for the teams with great prizes such as E-Sea Rider Bean Bags & kingfish bags, Dogfish Stixs, Kaenon Sunglasses, etc)
* Drawing during each weigh in for $200 courtesy of Brown Insurance Services (again teams only can participate)
* Captain's coolers with $100's of dollars of great marine related merchandise
* $50 Gift Certificate to The Hut
* The biggest, baddest Aggregate trophy that you can imagine!

Tournament Dates & Registration Forms can be found at www.anglerarmory.com, at Dogfish Tackle or you can register at the 1st Captain's Meeting.

Captain's Meetings take place at the Sportsman's Saloon in John's Pass, FL
Weigh In takes place at the bell tower in John's Pass.

If any out of town teams want to come up & fish we have some great accommodations at the Madeira Bay Resort that they will give to you at a discounted rate.

I hope putting all the info in one place helps! If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (727)647-2672


  • Angler ArmoryAngler Armory Posts: 158 Deckhand
    Meet the Teams of the Wild West! Each team that fishes the Wild West has a team page on Angler Armory under "Meet the Teams".

    Info such as team members, their sponsors, boat info, etc plus photos of the teams are included on their page.

    Most of the teams that have registered for the tournament now have active pages so go check them out when you have a chance.

    Click on link below

    Angler Armory - Who will be The Best of the West...
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    At this time, Tournament 1 is still a go!

    We are watching the marine conditions closely for the 1st tournament. If conditions are unfavorable for fishing on Saturday then a make up date for Tournament 1 will be scheduled.

    The Captain's Meeting this Thursday will proceed as usual & is mandatory for all teams. It will also be the deadline for registering for the Series.

    We look forward to Thursday & a great weigh in on Saturday!
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    28 elite kingfishing teams are registered for the Wild West Tournament Series! They will be fishing for a $7000 1st Place purse each tournament (which does not include the TWT winnings).

    We are excited that so many of our 2012 teams joined us again this season to fish and welcome our new teams to the Wild West family!

    Last night's Captain's Meeting was standing room only & we hope that everyone had a great time!

    Make sure to join us down in John's Pass tomorrow to see the fish these first rate teams will bring to the scales!
  • Angler ArmoryAngler Armory Posts: 158 Deckhand
    Team Pro Marine takes home 1st Place at yesterdays Wild West Kingfish Tournament Series with their 27.99lb king!

    2nd Place went to Team Delosa's with their 27.66lb king & 3rd went to Team Kindred Spear-it with their 21.38lber!

    Congratulations to all the teams that weighed in today!

    Tournament standings & photos can be found on www.anglerarmory.com

    Here is a short video of Team Pro Marine's win https://vimeo.com/63521598
  • Angler ArmoryAngler Armory Posts: 158 Deckhand
    And here is a video recapping the checkout & weigh in - https://vimeo.com/63606497
  • Angler ArmoryAngler Armory Posts: 158 Deckhand
    Tournament 2 of the Wild West is this Sunday (April 21st). Weigh In begins at 5:30pm. Quite a few monster kings have been caught in the area this past week, so expecting some nice fish at the scales on Sunday!
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