Duck Hunting in the River

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Does anyone know where you are allowed to duck hunt in the Indian river? A friend asked FWC if you could hunt over by the causeways and they said you could hunt anywhere in the river, but when he asked Melbourne PD and Indialantic PD they said that if they saw anyone duck hunting there that they would arrest them! Just trying to figure out what the law really is and where duck hunting is permitted in the Indian river? Thanks!


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    They can't arrest you if you're out of their jurisdiction; out of the city limits. Anywhere considered as county waters should be open. Hope you have a good recipe for fish/clam chowder though! Those bluebills can be directly substituted for fish or clams if you do have a recipe! :wink
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    There is probably a map with designated hunting areas. Check FWC. They have brochures with maps that you can download. And, not trying to create an argument... but municipal police officers can absolutely arrest outside of their jurisdiction. It's called a Mutual Aid Agreement. Florida law allows it, but some police departments have policies regulating the type of action police officers can take outside of their jurisdiction. With that being said if you are in a designated hunting zone and following the laws, I don't see a reason for them to even be concerned. Especially if you're not in their jurisdiction.

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    North of diamond 99 marina by Pineda south of malabar rd
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    thanks, i'll have to look into that.
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    If you hunt in the waterway near the Melbourne Causeway MPD has jurisdiction to the middle of the channel and IPD has it to the east. MPD also has most of the waterway surrounding the city to the middle of the channel on the west side of the Indian River from University Bl north to just south of the Pineda Causeway. MPD also has the entire Eau Gallie Causeway as well as areas beachside around the Causeway. And within the city limits is a bird sanctuary. If you hunt near the causeways you more then likely will be arrested and if not arrested at least detained at gunpoint and placed into handcuffs while the officer decides if they are going to arrest for the violation. If you look at the city of Melbourne's website you can find a city map there. Also like others said hunting on county waterways is legal.


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    on the banana river, north of pineda, on the west shore, there are several pre built duck blinds.. and tons of ducks.. ive seen people hunting it for years and never personally witnessed anyone harassed by law enforcement
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