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Egret 21-putting together an order

TangoUniform257TangoUniform257 Posts: 56 Deckhand
I am getting ready to place my order with Frank and I am wondering which lower unit to get on the Merc 250 Pro XS. Should I get the stock unit or the Torque Master?

Here is my list so far, any thing I should change? This is what I sent Frank.

Hull Color- Pamlico Blue Hull no pinstripes. Not sure on a deck color but I can't take the glare so I need you to give me some guidance.
Ameritrail zero deg trailer lowest possible
Nicest backrest you can build with the lower cushion bolted to the hatch.
MK Trolling motor 36V IPilot Quick release mount
Merc 250XS
Atlas Jackplate
Poling tower set up to tow a skier with intergraded anchor light
Carbon Kevlar
Stealth battery charger
Console rod holders
Two plumbed live wells
Hydraulic tilt steering
Billet Push pole holders
Stainless rub rail
Washdown system like Capt Russ has
Nav lights hull mounted
**Simrad NSS 12
**Icom VHF Radio


  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
    Flush mount rod holders in the gunnels, fore and aft. Even if you don't plan to bait fish out the front it's great to be able to quickly stick you rod in a holder on the front deck while putting the trolling motor up and down.

    Power Pole

    Are the Billet Push Pole holders removable? If not, Frank makes a geat removable push pole holder. You will like that for times when you just have the family out.
  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    Simrad is great unit but if you plan to have sonar option on the NSS 12 , it requires a separate sounder unit. It is not built in. If you also want structure scan, I think you also need the separate box for that. The NSS 8 has a built in sounder but requires the Structure scan box.
    By comparison the Lowrance line under the Navico line of chartplotters of which Simrad is a part, has the Sounder built in along with the built in structure scan sounder in the 12 inch touch screen. The simrad unit itself is nicer and a little faster too but requires the extra sounder boxes to be installed which really will add quite a bit of cost to the already jacked up price of the unit itself. If Simrad would have had built in sonar and structure scan, I would have got that but considering the substantive extra cost associated with the unit and having to add the sonar boxes too, I scrapped that idea and went with the HDS 12. If you get a sounder, get the shoot thru the hull transducer for it rather than transom mount.

    I would go with a 4 stroke engine on the 21 rather than the pro xs. Much quieter and a little extra weight by comparison is no issue on the 21 when used with a jack plate.

    Definitely get four rod holders in the deck. two near the rear bench and two up front.

    If they are still installing the stock alum. rod locker latches take a pass on that. They do not hold up and by comparison to a 316 stainless latch the alum ones are total crap. They are designed for use on a bus hatch. See the other threads for alternate and have them installed. I had to install at least 3 sets of alum latches over the years before finally just throwing them out and switching. The Alum ones get sticky after awhile and subject to peeling too. I have had the stainless ones now for years and they still look like they came right out of the box.
  • TangoUniform257TangoUniform257 Posts: 56 Deckhand
    I may consider the Etec 300 but no one is making a 4 stroke I like other than Vrod and it's just too heavy.
  • reelgrimmreelgrimm MiamiPosts: 458 Deckhand
    I second the 4stroke.. The SHO is ****...

    I'd also get underwater lighting..
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  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,234 Officer
    3rd the show. It is so much refined than the Merc. It does cost more but worth it. The Carbon Kevlar on the 21 is a waste of money.There is no real benefit other than pretty hatches.
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  • FishinMcNutFishinMcNut Posts: 536 Officer
    I may consider the Etec 300 but no one is making a 4 stroke I like other than Vrod and it's just too heavy.
    Agree 100% with you. The 3.0 liter Opti's are MUCH more refined than the 2.5's. The quietness, smoothness and fuel mileage are amazing!
    Can't advise on the Verado style lowers. I run a Torque Master with the top four holes plugged (authorized by Merc, does not void warranty) to allow insanely high engine heights. The Torque Master is a beast that can take a beating.
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,390 Officer
    The SHO will be quieter the Merc will get better gas mileage and be faster on Top end. The jack plate i have mixed feelings i drove both boats with & without. If you fish areas where you cross alot of shallow water having it it good but the down side is it will increase draft! As far as the stainless rub rail that is a no no. The rub rail Frank uses is seamless and doesn't rust and if you rub up against something all you need to do is use a little acetone to clean it up. Once you scratch up the stainless or rub up against stuff it's done! As far as bolting the cushion to the hatch. I see this done and to me it's the worst thing to do. Yes you don't have to remove it but what about cleaning underneath it dirt and mold over time collects and then sum! Also dark hull colors are a ***** to take care of! This is the short list!
  • bradenredbradenred Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Congrats on your new purchase , you will be very pleased. I agree with the rubber rub rail and Frank's push pole holders,they are removable and work great. As far as engine , I went with the 250 SHO and it's an excellent choice. I have an 8 foot Power pole on mine I went with single Pole. I also have a poling platform on my boat, THIS IS NOT A POLING BOAT, AND IT HAS DEFINITE HULL SLAP, however, I do pole it for short distances and it works great, you will be surprised how shallow you can go. I also have a Jack plate and do not regret having it . I have only one live bait well,I don't that much with live bait and when I do the large live baitwell is enough. On forward space I do have a small bait well that I use to keep crabs during Tarpon season and Shrimp , as well as storage space. All in all, it's the best boat I have ever owned . I'm sure you will be pleased once you get it. I also agree with the flush mounted rod holders.
  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,234 Officer
    I like the grey deck with the blue sides. Here is my 2011 build thread for you to get some ideas.
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  • mbowersmbowers Posts: 496 Deckhand
    Renagade69 wrote: »
    I like the grey deck with the blue sides. Here is my 2011 build thread for you to get some ideas.
    I had a 189 built recently so I can offer my suggestions on that hull for what I like, not sure if everything is directly comparable for a 2011.

    Which grey for the deck? :) I went with Whisper Grey and am very happy. I have X-Coarse non skid but wish it were rougher to start as non skid only gets more skid with time. Might have to source the non skid grit yourself.
    I like the trim tab indicator gauge on the top of the console. I do not like the indicator / switch combo in the front as a replacement for the standard switches.
    If you're tall at all (more than 5'6) go for the taller grab rails on the side of the console. The taller ones are also a more streamline design. I have some comments on improving those in the Pimping with PVC thread.
    I like the front grab rail too.
    Good call on the hull running lights: I do not like the lights on the side of the console: so much glare from the lights especially with the stainless front grab rail right in front of them, both lights are visible at all kinds of angles, and anything in the front of the boat blocks the lights. I will get shark eyes eventually.
    I like the bimini with the quick release flush fittings. Since I have the bimini I really need springs or something to keep the rod lockers open. because they can not open far enough to stay open with the bimini there.
    I like the group 29 wet batteries because I spend a lot of time on the trolling motor.
    I like the external full function mic on the VHF. Make sure you request a base unit with no controls too as I ended up with both and don't need the controls on the base unit when I have them much more accessible on the mic in my hand.
    The aluminum pushpole holders are decent in function and look good new, but they look terrible IMHO after a couple of months. I asked about black nylon or other plastic if possible as I would think that would be cheaper than aluminum and look ok all the time even if they don't look awesome at the start.
    I thought about front indeck rod holders but decided against because it's probably a good source of water into the bilge in rough seas. I have a rod holder / cup holder combo unit attached to the trolling motor and am happy with that.
    See if you can get something done with to secure the backrest. Mine is constantly getting ripped out of one side by people leaning on the other edge past the uprights. The person falls over, the backrest swings around and one of the uprights is going to shred the seat cushion soon. The backrest needs another cross bar or a locking pin to keep the uprights from rotating when you don't want them too.
    I'm really liking a front cooler seat on the anchor locker with kennedy turnbuckles for quick release. Something to stand on, something to sit two people on and something to keep a beverage cold.. :) With the I-pilot anchor mode I haven't even used the anchor once yet..
    I suggest the reboarding ladder from T-H marine if you think you might ever want to get in the boat from a swimming position.
    The height of the Amertrail trailer is great but insist on the right tongue weight on the trailer. Since your boat is custom, the axle position should be custom. Mine is terribly heavy (500lbs when it should be 150lbs) and needs to go back to the factory for a serious rework on the axle position. Unfortunately the axle is not easily moved like on other trailers. My elbow has gone into the orthopaedic surgeon for rework as well.
    I like the idea of the "stainless steel builtin rachets" on the trailer but both of mine are giving me trouble after a couple of months, either not racheting or not releasing, the hook itself is just painted black steel and is rusting up.
    As for the motor my Merc Opti 175 ProXS has had a lot of problems: bad coil from the factory (many $ in wasted fuel), oil tank gauge doesn't work, trim switch connection came apart.
    Sketch out the console layout the way you want the gauges.
    As with anything custom, unless the factory is in your hometown, make yourself a checklist to go through all the options you get installed so you get what you wanted and make sure everything works!
    Feel free to PM me for more details.
  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,234 Officer
    The Merc Opti is notorious for giving trouble in the beginning. Allot of them do not work right out of the box.Frank says about 50%. Once you iron out the issues they are usually good to go.
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  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    Renagade69 wrote: »
    The Merc Opti is notorious for giving trouble in the beginning. Allot of them do not work right out of the box.Frank says about 50%. Once you iron out the issues they are usually good to go.

    I went with P xs 175 but If I had it to do over again I think I would have done the Etec. It would have been quieter and surely at least as powerful. Its OK but I don't think it lives up to all the fan fare and it definitely is not as strong as my old EFI but probably because it uses half of the gas. I lost about 5 mph off the top end going to the pro xs. I would rather have the extra power. I have had it checked and rechecked and everything is set right on it. I call it the 175 puzzy XS and they call it a racing motor.
  • reelgrimmreelgrimm MiamiPosts: 458 Deckhand
    All these 21's poppping up.. I can't wait to move up, which could be sooner than later :)
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