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Blue Cypress Lake

I live in Brevard County and took my first trip to BCL this weekend (Firday March 8). Caught one bass on a shiner we picked up from Middleton's, one catfish and one bluegill. This was primarily a scouting trip before I take my 6 year old son their for a fishing trip in early April.

My goal is to make it a 4 hour fun fishing trip with plenty of action. I was hoping to find a hot spot or two for panfish, just some kind of quick action that will get him hooked. That's how I got hooked as a kid and I know it is more effective than surf-casting or flats fishing the intercoastal for a kid his age.

Any thoughts or tips on fishing BCL to find some panfish or catfish spots?

My first thought on the slow day last Friday was maybe the cold front last week slowed things down in the area. If so, it should warm up and produce better in early April.



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