Best Chip for LMS-520C

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I bought a boat with a Lowrance LMS-520c installed on it and my questions is ?? What is the best chip to install in this unit?? Most of my fishing is done on the Panhandle area from Destin over toward Ceder Key, however I do travel to the Keys twice a year to fish and lobster so I would like the chip to cover that are as well. Thanks in advanced for all the info!!

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    Navionics Gold. Don't remember if the 520 will run Platinum+. Gold covers the whole country, daily updates free for a year.

    Ran Gold in my lmf337cdf and my lcx25c. Currently have platinum as primary for my area, but also gold if I go out of my area in my hds8 gen2
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    I have had a Nauticpath NP-USA chip in my 520c for about 5 years and I've always been happy with it. I tried to move it to my new HDS7 Gen2 but it freezes the unit up. I would imagine chips made for the newer units won't work in the 520c either but I haven't gotten a new chip to try it out yet. I did see at least one NP-USA chip on ebay.

    I'm still using mine. :)
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