Chili-fest 2012: Lots and lots of chopping, but so so tasty...

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First of all, for those "purists" out there who don't like beans... save your breath! I do NOT care. One of the great things about chili is that everybody's tastes good while being simultaneously unique. That beign said, I chose to use beans and that's just the way it is. I like the startch and they thicken things up nicely.


Went to an out-of-town Christmas party Friday night. Got home around 9:00 or so Satuday morning and was faced with a couple options: Head to woods and see zero deer, or cook "a pot" of chili. Well, I opted for the latter. So, we hit up the grocery and then came home and threw some ground venison and vension roasts in some cold water. It was not until the time when all ingredients came together that I realized that my 7 gallon pot was not enough. Oh well. Good news is I have several stock pots.

Anyway, here' the deal. Rather than jabber I'll try and let the pics do the talking. I will say this, though...

1. $120 in canned veggies and beef

2. 1 big ol roast that was chunked. 1 huge package of 70% lean ground beef

3. Two ziplocks of ground vension and every roast from one ham off a 3 year old buck

4. After browning sesoned meet (deer and cow) we were looking at 24 pounds of post-cook meat

5. Once all ingredients came together we found ourselves proud new owners of 65 pounds of chili!

6. Ingreients came together around 2:00 pm, and was edible around 6:00 or so. We ate 6 bowls, cranked the heat up and turned off around midnight. This morning pots were still warm. I have re-heated it once more and am about to package in freezer bags. I like to use 1 gallon bags, with maybe 1/2 gallon per bag. I lay it flat and fold over once. This way it thaws quickly and you can pull out as many, or few, bags as you neeed.

7. I'm jabbering. Sorry.

8. Anyway, lots and lots of chopping, seasoning, browning, stiring, and uh... beer drinking. Hope yall enjoy the pics...

Step 1.... go to grocery store...


Unload groceries...

My friends...

Anyboy want some meat in their chili?

Choppin, choppin, choppin...

Little bit of "moo" and a little bit of "blah"

Meat and veggies that has been browned and properly seasoned...

Yes, that's 23 pounds of cooked meat...

All together, now!!! It was still a bit chunky at this point, but as the 'maters stewed down and the beans let out their goodness the two pots loosened up nicely. Was okay last night, but amazing this morning. Now it's time to package and freeze.
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    Well, it's all in the freezer now. Next weekend I'll be doing some doe eradication up in AL with a fellow forum member and a few of these ziplocks will be coming with for sure!

    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
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    **** Fine ... like that little sampler with the empty glass in the fifth pic too!

    I am surprised you can freeze this with the beans in it .... ??? If so, that is certainly the way to make it.
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    Panhandler ,what kind of stove is that is it a commercial product ? Like the grates on the top(cooking surface)
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    It freezes no problem with the beans. I try not to cook it to the point where I REALLY want it on the first round. Where I want it is that starchy goodness with meat, salt, some richness, a bite of vinegar, a touch of sweet from fresh tomatos, some heat, etc... but WITH that starch. Because with this amount it is known that most will be going in freezer I don't cook beans until they are really ready. Reason being (and you hit on it) when you freeze them the freezer will break rupture all the cell walls in the beans and they'll turn to mush when you re-heat.

    Blah blah blah... it's still not all that critical. I've been freezing with beans for years and it's always good.

    The range is a Bosch. I forget the model. It's NG and I really like the oven and the range itself. Wish I'd gone with a 6 burner when I built the house, though. What I don't like is the electronic crap. It's almost impossible to switch in and out of bake to broil, or to get the warming drawer going, etc etc. Oh and my convection fan has gone out twice.

    Oven cooks real even and range gets real hot, it's just that none of the do-dads are worth a crap.
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