3-31-2013 Boynton Easter Tuna's

Cleared the inlet this morning with Chris and his friend from work Brain, and Billy and Amada. Ran a little north of the inlet and we set the spread. Worked the ritz real hard for a couple hours and got 3 nice football's. Then we push east to about a 1,000 foot looking for weeds or some conditions. Found some flyer's but no phins. After a while we push it back to the west. We find some more flyer's but nothing. Then we get back inside and get a nice bft on a double hooked ballyhoo. After that Billy spot's 2 frigate birds so we work that way. Then he yells 3 frigates. Well when we get to them, we see the birds diving and flyer's jumping everywhere. Then we see dolphin. One of them came completely out of the of the water chasing a flying fish only 10 feet from the boat. Man I wish i had the camera on. But as soon as they came in they were gone. They looked like they were only interested in the flyer's. Worked the same area for a while and got a short strike on the planer. Gave it about another half hour and called it quits. Finally tally 3/5 on bfts and one mystery fish. Tunas hit a small blue & white lure and the biggest ate a skirted ballyhoo.




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