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determining fair gun values

I have been intrusted with selling some firearms for a aging relative.
What would be the best way to determine value ?
Looking for fair market value.
Once value is determined they will be listed here first.
Colt Gold Cup 45 National Match
Colt Match 22 target with orig box
Belgium made browning 9mm purchased new 1969
S&W 44 model 29
S&W 357 model 66
AMT backup 45
Remington 700 30-06
Remington 1100 12 guage auto


  • OnTheSpotChartersOnTheSpotCharters Posts: 72 Deckhand
    I normally use gunbroker.com just to compare
  • cprcpr Posts: 9,309 Admiral
    Everything is way over priced for now. I'd wait it out at least until the fall and like every boom prices will fall back to earth.
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  • stumpmanstumpman Posts: 154 Officer
    Get a blue book........ GB has everything over priced right now. If you use GB see what the guns actually sold for not what they are for sale for. Look at Guns international and Guns america for ones that have actually sold as well. The shotguns you can go to shotgun world and look them up.
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  • herkherk Posts: 31 Deckhand
    Guns are worth what someone is willing to pay for them and right now is a good time to sell. Supply and demand dictate the price so it's a sellers market. Condition will also vital in determining price and will vary from NIB (new in the box) with all factory papers to a gun which still safe to fire but has seen better days. Write up a detailed description of each gun- caliber, barrel length, finish, sight configuration, condition and any pertinent info which might affect value. Take good pictures which show the finish, wood condition and any defects such as rust, scratches, wear, grip or stock damage. Looks like he had a good collection of quality firearms so they should bring good money and if you have ammo, now is a great time to sell it since it appears that people are starting to hoard it and the prices are going up fast. Blue books for guns are a lot like the ones for cars. They don't really reflect current values. They just serve as a baseline and if they are over a year old, they are pretty much useless, especially now. Hope I didn't tell you what you already know. I think you'll have no trouble finding buyers for any of those guns.
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  • johnnybjohnnyb Posts: 985 Officer
    cpr wrote: »
    Everything is way over priced for now. I'd wait it out at least until the fall and like every boom prices will fall back to earth.

    Why wait? If he is selling them then now is the time to sell.
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  • GeraldoGeraldo Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Take a look at the Blue Book of Gun Values to get a basic idea, then check Gunbroker and Gunsamerica. Pay no attention to asking price, keep track of what they're actually selling for. In my areas of interest I see I a lot of high asking prices on GB, but I then see them re-listed endlessly because they're not selling.
  • Prop BlastProp Blast Posts: 375 Officer
    As other's have said, go BUY a copy of the 33rd Edition of the Blue Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad, not the shake & bake Gun Digest books you see on news stands.

    You have to understand condition codes and what they really mean: NIB, 99%, 95%, 90% and down. Most people selling guns are amazed at how far percent rating drops if just a bit of blueing is worn, or the muzzle crown, sight nicked... Also, many people have unrealistic opinions as to what a gun is worth.

    That S&W Model 66 is not rare gun regardless of condition and you need to know the factors impacting value (barrel length, exact model, i.e. Model 66, 66-2...)

    Now, if that S&W Model 29 is at 95% with recessed cylinders and a pinned barrel, that's a different game! But... is it a Model 29 or a 29-1? or a 29-2? is it a 5-screw or a 4-screw Model 29? Blued or nickel finish? How long is the barrel? FYI, the retail value of an Model 29 at 95% is $1,450; at 90% is $1,250. If it has a 5" barrel, the value jumps to $3,400 and $2,950. If that 5" barrel gun has a nickel finish, it's now $7,200!

    As far as the Remington's go, Model 700's and 1100 are very common, to to move them, you'll have to price them right.

    The Colt's and Brownings, you will need to be specific with as well. Today there are a ton of high-quality M1911A1s in the market, Willson Combat, Les Baer, Ed Brown... so the market Colt used to own is more competitive. If the Browning 9mm is an FN Hi-Power, you need to know which version it is. Again, you need to know the conditions of the gun.

    Good guns in VG or better condition in popular/useful calibers (.9mm/.45; .223/.30-30/.270/.30-06/.308/.300/20ga/12ga) that have been taken care of will sell -- but they must be priced realistically. You won't be able to give away a gun that hasn't been maintained or is in a less common caliber.

  • totalinertiatotalinertia Posts: 124 Deckhand
    what type Remington 700 in 30/06??? ADL,BDL,CDL????
  • nofishtodaynofishtoday Posts: 1,318 Officer
    I'd like to buy the 22 colt target
    Please send me a pm with fair price
    And maybe get started in selling these
  • bandit100377bandit100377 Posts: 461 Deckhand
    cpr wrote: »
    Everything is way over priced for now. I'd wait it out at least until the fall and like every boom prices will fall back to earth.

    Why would he wait? He is looking to sell, not buy. No time like the present.
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