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Gulf Stream drift boat Key Largo

My youngest has been asking to do a drift boat trip so instead of our local one I thought it would be cool to do a yellow tail trip. Went on the Gulfstream in Key Largo Friday. $65 adults, $45 for kids for all day trip 9-4.
Boat is an old drift boat that has seen better days but very adequate for its job. We "steamed" for 2 hours at I'm guessing 6-7knts which I was impressed with. The is a long run for an operation like that. We mainly sand balled rotating across the stern. Current was screaming, approx 25 on the boat. We fished two spots in 100' or so and didn't see a YT. Finally moved into 75' and caught a few small ones.
Overall, catching was horrible, boat total was 4 muttons, all caught free lining, 6-8 yellow tails, we each caught one, handful of grunts and a suicidal mangrove about 12" long. A cpl boneheads and sand eels rounded out the catch. I was shocked at how few fish were caught but that was fishing.
Overall it is a good boat that try's hard to catch fish, I would fish it again.


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