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Fat Jax 3/27/13 Report

We left about 2:30 PM This past Wednesday, and headed south. made it through the crowd of boats in the pass and was expecting smooth seas for a change. we weren't disappointed 1 footers with a occasional 2 footer mixed in. Pretty nice. I have a crew from Tennessee on the boat a Father Son and Grandfather. Extremely good nice people.
They want to "Shark Fish" so that's what we do. While Shark Fishing, we are catching the normal boat load of Red Snapper and The Smaller Amberjacks for entertainment. Then it happens the drag slowly starts to peel off a reel in a slow deliberate type of way. a while later this guy is boat side and it’s the biggest fish they have ever caught. They got the chill so we knocked it off just before dark and headed in.

It was a nice solid Mature Sandbar. Smiles all the way around and talking up a storm after that experience.

Enjoy the pictures and video. (short, but sweet I think)



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