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SLI 3/30 A Few Phins

Put the boat in at Sandsprit at 6:20. We waited in line for the bait guy, but he sold out the boat ahead of us. We headed southeast out the inlet and trolled out from 100 ft. Found a ton of scattered weed and mats in 200 ft. Caught 1 little dolphin off of that and let him go, but then after a couple hours I got fed up with cleaning the weed off the baits and started trolling shallower. Around 10:30 in 150ft I was setting a bait back as I watched a 15lb cow slam it. Brought the fish to the boat and got a bad gaff job near the tail but still got it in the boat. After that it was slow til 12 when we caught 2 nice little phins in 160ft just east of the Sirotkin. Called it a day at 1. Pretty fun day but a lot of boats out there.
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