FPI-Bottom Fishing-3-30-13...

So we got a early start and ran out to about 500' and started trolling for about 4 hours and ended up in about 1000 foot with nothing to show.Then we ran back to 250' and trolled to about 100' and all we had was a fin bite but jumped him off:Angry

So we had to change it up... had about a dozen thread fins. So we looked in the book and ran to one of our nice bottom spots.We get their and the bottom was full of life on the machine,so we anchor up...

So we blow all are live baits within 20 min and we have already had 4 red snapper,a grouper,and a few sea bass.
The machine was still on fire so we start using our split tales as chunk bait.
We start catching triggers like crazy for the next hour along with reds,sea bass,and groupers.

So we got dinner and started heading in,,,
So final tally was
-10 triggers
-About 30 red snapper
-Alot of seabass
-2 gags

I only have a few pictures but i am going to start posting report more often so i will get better with the camera.

Sorry about the sideways but whatever ...


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