wahoo and tripletail Jupiter March 30 2013

I took my son Zack and his friend Zack (very confusing) out for a day of spearfishing. First stop was 120 ft. looking for cobia on the sharks. They saw a few sharks but no cobia. Next stop a drift over a couple of wrecks no love again. We headed offshore and found a broken but respectable weed line out in about 450 ft. We saw a small tree branch and two nice tripletail landed in the box. We came across bunches of super micro mini dolphin along the line but no dolphin of any size. We found a small log off the Loran tower and immediately after getting in the water the boys saw 30 to 50 wahoo stacked up under this small log. Instantly we had a double header on heading in opposite directions. They each landed their first ever wahoo with a speargun. They tied the flasher and chum bag to the log and drifted a long way but the school was gone. Certainly not the biggest wahoo ever caught but a double header cherry popping was really cool

Fireman Bill


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