HELP!-Transducer Problem

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Hey guys, A slit problem the depth of my garmin is not working right... it will show the depth if im sitting still but when im moving even just idling it doesnt seem to read.. It usually does. I know there is something for the garmin mounted on the outside of the back of the boat, I have recently been running with my motor trimmed up which causes the piece porbally be slapped against the water. I talked to a friend and he said the trans is inside the hull? im not sure what i should do.
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    I had somewhat of the same problem with my humminbird...while the boat was moving my depth fluctuated from 2' to 200' plus the temperature always went up to about 150 degrees. thought it was shot, but checked the tranducer and it had snapped loose to where it was real flimsy. pushed and snapped it back in and it was fine. not sure which type you have, but mine is mounted on the transom.
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    Lower its placement on the transom and tilt the rear portion of it down.
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    Well, you need to follow the transucer wire from the depth finder to the end and determine where it is. It might be inside the hull and has come un-glued. The stuff on the transom might be the transducer or just a temp sensor and speed pick-up. Before anyone can really help, you need to find the location of the transducer.
  • fishingkid315fishingkid315 Posts: 1,953 Captain
    Got it! Just moved the device on the back all the way down.
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