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trolling lures without any meat

I've had quite a few respected offshore guys tell me that they have as much action (strikes and hookups) on certain trolling lures rigged "as is"...by that I mean just the lure, no hoo, strip or squid. I personally have never tried this tactic, even though I've been offshore more times than I can remember, I just always baited up. I figure I spend too much on fuel to drag a skirt and a hook around without anything attached. Now that's not to say I have not had action on various plugs and feathers, but I always rig my skirts ( 99% of the time with hoo). If anyone can chime in, I'm all ears. Saving a few buck on bait would be nice...I guess I'm just stuck in my ways of always having some meat on the hook.

Please don't beat me up over this. I was just curious.


  • aquasport190aquasport190 Posts: 337 Officer
    I do it. Jet heads, bullet heads and *** feathers. Have hooked dolphin, blackfin and bonito on these. The one thing that's a plus is that they always swim consistently, don't wash out and you can step on it when trying to catch a frigate. I usually run two hoos and two lures.
  • razorreilly09razorreilly09 Posts: 8,401 Admiral
    A few advantages of lures vs dead baits is you can typically pull bare lures faster and cover more area and once you get into the fish, you can swap over to dead baits. Also certain species such as wahoo and tuna are more likely to hit a lure being trolled fast out of a 'reaction' bite, not having the time to think about eating the lure or not like they can with a dead bait being trolled at a slower speed. 6 knots is walking speed for wahoo and tuna. At 10+ knots they don't have the time and energy to use to think about eating what you're offering or not.
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