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Tournament results Rousseau 03/24/2013

capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,163 Moderator
Only 10 boats were dumb enough to fish yesterday in the Storm of the century type conditions. It wasn't too bad it seemed at launch time and looked like it would be not bad.

Wrong ... The wind kept picking up and I had to move from my big fish spot to my plan "B" area. Glad I did.
Wind started gusting to ,at first, 20-25mph . Bad with numerous hidden stumps and old trees everywhere. I got thrown off my boat last year in a winterstorm there into 61 degree water. Lower unit hit a tree in 9' of water while I was on the trolling motor and over I went. Not a boat in sight. It could have been bad news.

We "got our weather" yesterday when the wind started gusting to over 40mph. At one point my powerpole started dragging from a dead stop in gusts I had to brace against. I was in a "lee" area .. I tied to an old steel pole and ate my lunch . Lets just say it was the most wind I've ever fished in, standing on a boat, in 50 years.

Anyway , thanks to my powerpole and plan "B" I had my limit by 10:30 and was able to cull two and weighed in a little over 13 pounds for the win ! :USA
I would stop the boat in 4' on a flat with the PP and fan cast a Rapala downwind. If no bites I would bring it up,drift as far as I had cast and stop and repete.
This was all I could do. Trying to fish in a 3mph drift through a stump jungle wasn't an option.

9 and change was second place and big fish ended up at 4lb 12 oz. for the tourney.

"You'll get your weather"


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