PC Friday 22 March

Got an early start and managed to get some good croakers around one of the channel markers on the way out. Pressed out to CPA again, didnt have any real luck there. The water was a bit green. Decided to run to the 20mi buoy and it was worth the trip. Upon arrival there was some surface activity around it, and at first i thought it was jacks. I saw a flash of green and knew that we had a hungry mahi working the area. Cast a blue/white rapala sub-surface walk-the-dog and the fish at it within seconds of hitting the water. Got it in the boat a couple minutes later and it scaled out to 9lbs. Not too shabby. Used a terez med/heavy 7'2 paired to a stradic 4k w/30lb ultracast and it was the perfect tackle to enjoy the show. One of my more favorite hookups for sure.

Since they were around i decided to troll some squid/hoos and as i was rigging those up, i looked down and there was easily a 20lb bull mahi right next to the boat, my enthusiastic (HOLY $hizz!!) reaction as i was reching for my other rod spooked it, as my shadow went right across him, and he was out of sight.... frustrating, but at least i got dinner.

On the way back in i saw a free-swimming cobe, but by the time i got turned around he was gone. Saw a few big rays which werent holding anything, although i accidentially snagged one... oops. fortunately i got my rig back, but its hard to appreciate thier size until you realize they span wider than the beam of your boat... easily 12feet across on the biggest one.

Gonna be my last trip out for a while since i have surgury coming up, so to retain what little sanity i have left i may forgo visiting the forums so regularly... wait, who am i kidding?


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