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St Patricks Day - Port Canaveral green

Headed to the otherside for St. Patrick's Day aboard the Flying Dutchman out of Port Canaveral to look and see what we could find. Morning started out slow, nothing all the way to 90 miles. Found a could packs of birds but no tuna home, started to head back west and ended up finding a floating barrel and a weed line. I am by no means an experienced free diver but I hopped in for a look. Ended up shooting several mahi, one being the biggest I have ever seen in person.


This one went 59.8 lbs




Got this on hook and line later in the day



Total for the day

25+ Mahi
2 Wahoo
7 Triple tail
1 Cobia - anyone else ever seen a Cobia 75 miles offshore???


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