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Friday 3/15

Hope everyone got out and enjoyed the weather Friday. It was so pretty, makes me want to go back everyday. I fished with 2 brothers Charley and Jimmy from LA. We always have a great time and they are just good people and good friends. We met at Lost Key Marina at 7 am and proceeded to put together a game plan and load the boat with gear. Headed out with about 10 tiny pinfish for bait. That is never a good idea. Got to a bait spot and put about 10 triggerfish in the box. I thought this is going to be a super easy day. Well, 2 bait stops later and we had 2 amberjack baits in the well. That was not going well at all. Eased over to an amberjack spot and caught one and lost a bait. Dang, no more bait. Decided to run 12 miles out of the way and fish with 3 inch pinfish. Thank God it worked and the amberjacks were almost jumping in the boat. They were swimming around under the boat. Thats always cool. We got a quick limit and headed south to do some deep dropping. On the way, I remember I had forgot the deep drop stuff. Had the electric reels but that was it, No lights or anything. Thank goodness my head is attached or sometimes I would forget it. Oh well we made a few drops and headed in early. Caught several big red snapper out deep. What the heck. Jimmy got one that was huge. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it. Sharks have to eat too I guess. Great day with great friends. We are all truely blessed.

Capt. Delynn Sigler
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  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,205 Officer
    Sounds like a good day. Glad to hear about the AJ's & triggers biting. Heading down this weekend for our first trip of the year & hope to hook up with a few of those reef donkeys.

    Livin' the Dream !
  • Capt. DelynnCapt. Delynn Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Finally took the time to figure out the picture thing. Sorry it took so long. I love reports with pictures and i'm sure everyone else does too.
  • catdad100catdad100 Posts: 91 Greenhorn
    Good report glad you got the picture thing figured out hope to do some deep dropping myself real soon and remember you can get them ajs on williamson jigs might not be monsters but I usually get them big enough to keep and make everybody say uncle.
    Southern Charm 26ft. World Cat Center Console:cool:
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