Front page florida today

Reading the paper this morning from yesterday and on the front page they have an article titled macro-algae killing off manatees main food source. Read through the whole article, they talked about whats causing this "bad" algae bloom intern killing the sea grass and killing the manatees.
Here's my two cents, i love how these scientists and manatee lovers are so adamant that all these other causes are whats killing manatees. First its boats going fast and manatees not being fast enough to get out of the way, result slow speed zones everywhere.
Manatees still dying?! (now if these "scientists" would go out on the water with some of us make our living off the water they would never put slow speed zones up. We all know that manatees are very agile and very strong swimmers, but always tend to move towards the boat instead of away from it?) Next was in the winters the water gets to cold, so when they decide to tear down the power plant in PSJ they spend a couple million dollars to put in a water heater to keep the manatees warm.... did they not think about the natural movement of animals its called a migration.
Manatees still dying?! now its this algae killing the sea grass that they eat...i'm not understanding this, do they not think that maybe the sea grass in our lagoons is disappearing because the manatees are eating it all? (because they put in these water heaters which is keeping the manatees here year round.) No of course not it cant be the manatees fault, and I don't hate manatees i just dislike the rules and regulations around them that make no sense.
Here's the biggest thing of all, through out the entire article they never mentioned one thing about the game fish that call these waters home. Sea grass is the home of plankton's that shrimp and crabs feed on, its camouflage for the young hatch lings of our game fish also a nursery for them as well, and those shrimps and crabs are the food source for the yearlings all the way up to the adult fish. This article just hit me hard that all these "people" are worried about is ONE species and not all of them. Every single sport fish we love to catch starts its life in these sea grasses.


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