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Lake Rousseau 03/18/2013

capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,176 Moderator
Went with my Bro-in-law to pre-fish for a tournament we have coming. Due to both of us suffering with a touch of Irish flu thanks to St.Patty's day :wink
we launched at 10:45 . Ran to the first stop and notice the water was a bit murky and it was overcast so I picked up a chatterbait.
We moved in near some cattails and I hooked up first.


Good start! A little later the chatterbait hit again.


A good chunk that I followed up with another like it a bit later. We moved to another flat that had a little bird activity.
Bro-in-law John had his rattle trap come to an abrupt stop.


Another solid bass ! We left and tried a few other spots and I broke out my trusty Rapala.


Got two solid chunks on it. Then the bass -O-the day attacked it with a huge swirl and was subdued after a lengthy battle.


:grin Ha , I caught two that size. It's small but mean :huh

We landed several more fish and I lost one that looked around 4lb that threw the Rapala.
I did see a couple of beds and one had a nice fish near it so there is still some of that activity.
Water was 65 and up river it was pretty clear unlike down towards the dam. Hope I do as well come tourny time.
"You'll get your weather"


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