Be Heard...Steal this if you want.....but make this be ourt battle cry

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Read this...send it to every congress-person and Senator you can....


First I want to applaud your efforts...even though I am not in your district...I follow and support everything you have done in this area....I only wish our old boy Bill Young...knew how much our fisheries mean to Florida and our coastal communities.
I have been fighting NMFS since before 2000...My data analysis was used in 2004 to overturn NMFS decision to close all grouper down by Judge Steele.
As the congress holds hearings and considers the reauthorization of Magnuson/Stevens....I would like for you to be aware of a few points....
I participated on the NCR review of MRFSS....I am mentioned as a contributor....During my testimony it was I who suggested a federal angler registry....I also showed ways in which NMFS could employ more modern technology in gathering data and accepting volunteered data....most of which has fallen on deaf ears at NMFS....but were ideas embraced by the NRC....
Even today NMFS continues to use the most fatally flawed of the data collection efforts...The Coastal Household Telephone Survey....This is where NMFS derives its Effort and Participation data. Tt was designed in 1979 and has changed little; although most people have moved away from landline to mobile phones...NMFS continues to rely on a system that only calls listed landlines....this results in a miniscule sample that when grown is full of error and in many cases over estimates effort and particiaption by as much as 333%.
Another major flaw in the management of recreational anglers is the setting of an annual quota in pounds, but then setting limits on individual anglers in numbers (bag limits). When one reviews the data over time; the number of fish that recreational anglers has caught has not changed that much. In the case of Red Snapper the average size has gone from 3.96 pounds in 2006 to almost 8 pounds in 2010.....this makes it seem that we exceeded our quota, but only if you look at the pounds and not the numbers of fish....If we are to be bound by bag limits and numbers, then so should our quota be set in cannot mix the two (it is a mathematical impossible)......if the fish get smaller, it will appear that the fishery is in more trouble than it might be and when the fish get will appear that we are over fishing, when in fact....neither is the case...

We also need to require that stock assessments be made on a regular basis....the Red Snapper assessment is over 10 years old...yet they are making regulation today based on this out dated data...

Lastly....NMFS is charged with producing the science, making regulation, enforcing those regulation and in many cases adjudicating violations....No other department in our government is charged with so much or has so much power centralized into one place. We need to make the science separate and independent of the politics of regulation....regulators need to be made aware of all the data....biological, economical and sociological when making regulations....we also need to make sure that all interested parties receive equal treatment....the NGO like EDF, PEW and the Ocean Conservancy receive far too much attention while the voice of the average fishermen is not heard.....they cannot take off a day of work to attend every meeting....they do not have the ability to have a paid representative there and have the ear of the council.....
The system needs a shake up and it needs to be brought back into control of congress so that the needs of the people are recognized and met.

I ask that you consider these issues I have raised and again.....I thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown the recreational and fishing community as a whole.

Capt Bob Bryant
Actuarial Systems Group
National Association of Recreational Anglers - Add Your Voice


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    Steve is in my District & we are proud of him & support & applaud his efforts !!!
    There should be NO Commercial Fishing for any fish species considered 'Over-fished' , 'Undergoing Overfishing' or Subject to Recreational Seasons, Limits, or Closures... Game Fish Status IS the Answer !!!
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    As I have stated on other sites , this guy understands the big picture. It was, and still is hard for me to understand why the CFA tried to disrupt the meeting a while back when he was speaking. After the last council I called my rep. who is Joe Bonner and told them that he needed to step up to the plate as Southerland has done. Maybe we can make some head way now.
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    He is a hero
    1976 SeaCraft master Angler - Merc 200 XRi
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