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Lost gear!

Had a bean bag fly out my boat this afternoon. Thought it was too heavy to fly out guess not...
If any one was driving on Thomas dr today around 12:00-12:30 and picked up a white with ice blue sides bean bag with contender in the middle I would really appreciate it if I could get it back. Will give some cash if returned


  • stingwraystingwray On the creek Ga, Beach house FL.Posts: 818 Officer
    Hope you good luck on getting your bean bag back. I lost one out of my boat 7 years ago before most every used bean bags on boats, it was also on Thomas drive after only driving a few miles. Thought about checking on it while refueling the truck for the ride back home. Went back looking for it with no luck, lesson learned from here on out throw all bean bags in bow with loops on top then rope them to the grab rail around the bow of the boat. I have not lost one after making that change and we travel the east coast and gulf chasing fish.

    The best ride on a go fast boat is the bean bag.
  • 85okhai85okhai Posts: 246 Officer
    Yea they sure are nice for everyone on a go fast boat. I'm usually running the boat so I don't really get to enjoy them lol. A guy pulled up next to me and said he saw it fly it but someone turned around and picked it up as soon as it flew out :banghead
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