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Hi; We come down from canada to fish for our holidays on the long key bridge (fl Keys) and I am confused as to fishing for tarpon with circle hooks. I understand that we need to use circle hooks for some fish- which ones, and how do we decide which side we are on. Sometimes we are in the atlantic and sometimes on the gulf, depending on where we anchor etc. Also, is there somewhere where we can get the regulations sent to us, as we have tried many stores on our way through fl and can never find any. Also, can we bring the fish's head out of the water to take photo's ? like they do on many of the recent TV shows before releasing him again.
thanks alot Mary


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    Circlehooks are to be used when targeting reef fish like grouper-snapper,tarpon are not reef fish,as long as you leave the tarpon in the water your ok with a head pic but be quick and do not take the fish out of the water
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    The bridges are the dividing line between the Atlantic and Gulf. If you try for any reef fish in the gulf you will need circle hooks and also will have to have a dehooking device and a deflator device. You should be able to get a copy of the regs at any tackle shop in the area. If not you can go on line to MYFWC and read them there.
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    Roc N Rol wrote: »
    The bridges are the dividing line between the Atlantic and Gulf.

    Not completely true. As far as Grouper closed season and limits is concerned, "Monroe County" is Atlantic. Where Snook is concerned, Monroe County is Gulf.
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    If you want the regulations, I think the first two topics on this section are links to them.
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    makes no sense to require a dehooker (arc style) when its designed to be used with j hooks
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    Circle Hooks are required in the Keys when....Fishing a Billfish Tournament using natural bait AND when fishing on the Gulfside Waters for Snapper/Grouper species.

    We just use them for Tarpon because they are more effective when drifting baits back. ;)


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