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Redfish Back & Mutton Snappers on Knocker Rig Video Clip

Got out yesterday with my neigbor Mike Shipley. Mike and his wife own the Island Bay Resort(www.islandbayresort.com) located in Tavernier. Since being named #15 hotel in the United States in TripAdvisor's 2012 Travelers' Choice Hotels awards, Mike hardly ever gets to fish anymore. I had never fished with Mike before, but after day of being on the water with him it quickly became apparent why his resort got that award. He put me on several flats that were just loaded with Reds. The redfish were everywhere and really chewing. With this front coming I would highly suggest getting out on your own or giving a backcountry guide a call. Got this shot with my phone yesterday before the release.

Also check out this underwater video of this nice mutton we caught on a 20 plus knot wind day using a knocker rig aboard Good Karma. Fish was caught in 10ft of water in Hawks Channel. We caught a couple of fat Muttons that day and got them on film. Had to fish through the small guys, sharks and of course the famous "rock ups" to get to the bigger fish. Don't be afraid to double up that knocker rig weight on days when the seas are rough. Was using live ballyhoo on the rigs. I like to push the leader limits to get the bite, but thats just me.

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