Another BIG RED!!

Today started out real slow caught one 24" snook and was getting ready to pack it up when this monster started screaming line!IMG_2274_zpsed92e2be.jpg
Tight Lines!


  • Gmanwi53Gmanwi53 Posts: 44 Greenhorn
    SWEET !!!!!!!
  • congoman775congoman775 Posts: 1,393 Officer
    Nice fish! What'd you catch em on?
  • ReelFinaddictReelFinaddict Posts: 72 Deckhand
    Thx! Live Pinfish.
    Tight Lines!
  • SaltySeaDogSaltySeaDog Posts: 75 Greenhorn
    Did you fish right off the rocks into the canal there?
    Rather be on the ocean...
  • ReelFinaddictReelFinaddict Posts: 72 Deckhand
    No it was actually on the other side, but still on the rocks! Getting a good fish in with these conditions can be tough because of all the structure especially snook!!! they will dig down into the rocks and cut you off!
    Tight Lines!
  • DoozeDooze Posts: 233 Officer
    Epic red.
  • davederbdavederb Posts: 887 Officer
    Awesome fish. Congrats
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  • ReelFinaddictReelFinaddict Posts: 72 Deckhand
    Tight Lines!
  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,401 Admiral
    I love fishing that place also , nice red !
  • flatsfisherflatsfisher Posts: 1,381 Officer
    slob red!
  • Pescatoral PursuitPescatoral Pursuit Posts: 5,065 Admiral
    Nice color. A 'tweener. Not as silver as an ocean red, or as orange as a river red. Must've caught it coming or going.

    Great job.
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  • ReelFinaddictReelFinaddict Posts: 72 Deckhand
    Thanks everyone!!
    Tight Lines!
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