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Just too alert members to an unreliable business, yeah… And to blow off a little steam… I would like to tell you my experiences when purchasing a new iPilot trolling motor, on board battery charger, and two batteries, PLUS installation of all this, from Carp Mare Service, in Grant, FL.
I have been stopping in at Carp Marine and Bait and Tackle, for several years, when visiting my son in Sebastian. I’ve purchased a lot of tackle land lures from them and spoke many times with the manager. They always seemed to be very pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful there. So when I finally moved to Sebastian, and finally found the perfect boat for me, I went to them for a price and installation of the aforementioned items. Here’s how it went….
a. I stopped in at the store on Thursday afternoon, and asked them for a price on the items listed, and the cost of installation.
b. I was given a price on the iPilot and other items and told that installation would be $85.00, which I know is about average for labor.
c. I specifically asked how long it would take, and was told, by the manager, that it would probably take 1.5 hours… 2 hours at the most.
d. I went home and talked it over with the boss, and decided to do business with them.
e. I called first thing Friday morning and asked them to order the iPilot and other items and to give me an installation date and time.
f. I received a call about 15 minutes later, informing me that the iPilot would be $50 more than quoted (in writing). When I asked why?... I was told that the manager, whom I spoke with, had looked at the wrong motor (without iPilot).
g. I KNOW there is FAR more difference in price than $50.00????
h. I told them to forget ordering the motor.
i. About 20 minutes later, they called me back and told me I could have the iPilot for the original quoted price.
j. I scheduled the installation for Monday morning, and was told to have it there “First thing”, and they would get right on it.
k. I had my boat there at 07:55 hours, and the manager pulled in at 08:00.
l. We unhooked my boat and went inside.
m. The mechanic came about 5 minutes later and picked up the work order for another boat that was getting a trolling motor installed too. I’m pretty sure it was and iPilot also.
n. They told me they would have my job finished by 3:00 that afternoon.
o. I went back to “Carp” at 2:45 to pick up my boat.
p. The manager asked me to wait a second, and he went to get the mechanic.
q. The mechanic took me to the shop to ask me where, and how, I wanted everything installed. THEY HAD NOT EVEN STARTED ON MY BOAT, other than taking the iPilot out of the box.
r. I called at 12:30 on Tuesday afternoon and was told that the mechanic had about an hour’s work to do yet.
s. I arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon, and the manager told me the mechanic was just finishing up, and that all he had to do was run the two wires from the charger, back to the “house” battery.
t. Two-and-one-half hours later, I am still standing there waiting on my boat. They finally bring my boat out at 4:45pm.
u. I get the bill, and they had charged me for 7 HOURS labor! In my younger days, I was sponsored by a local marine dealer, and hung out there a lot. I could rig an ENTIRE boat… motor, trailer, batteries, trolling motor, depth finder, controls, etc, etc, etc, in less the 7 HOURS. I was told that they really had spent 13 hours on the job.
v. LET”S SEE… The MOST they could have worked on it, on Monday, would have been 2 hours (they close at 5:00pm), and if they worked on it ALL DAY on Tuesday, which I seriously doubt, THAT would have been 10 hours TOPS! I guess the mechanic stayed over on Monday, or came in REALLY early on Tuesday. They charged me for EVERY bolt, screw, washer and wire connector also and the results being that the cost of the iPilot was only one-third of my bill.
w. I wrote them a check, hooked up my boat, then noticed that they had not repaired the two side marker lights on the trailer, like we put on the work sheet.
NEEDLESS TO SAY… Carp Marine will never see me, or a DIME of my money… EVER AGAIN!



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