Windsor - My best friend ever.....

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RIP Windsor RIP :angel
Windsor H.
3/99 - 1/10



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    Man,I know how that hurt.It takes time but it will get better.

    Go Navy.....
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    May you and your best of friends meet again on the greatest flat in the universe when its time. Im sure he is having a great time right now, but looking over the horizon every so often to see if your there.
    For the love of all outdoors recreational activities....what my spelling is off, that will learn ya. Pimping ain't easy unless u went to FSU, its a BS course.
    What do u get when you can connect the dots, color inside the lines, and get your release papers.....sentence served, times up at Felon sentenced university.
    Floridas first woman's college.
    The only difference between FSU and all the other colleges are other colleges accept you into the university's. At FSU you are taken into custody.
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    :angel very sorry to hear this Prayers sent I am truly sorry
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