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SLI 1/1 on sails, 1/4 on phins

Jayseas and I went out the inlet about 8 am. We ran north and found the boats on bait up around the holiday inn. We had some luck catching huge greenies when we could see them above the horn bellies on my screen. After catching enough to use we put out 2 baits right there and I hooked up with a nice sail. He spooled me to the knot very quickly but we were able to chase him down and release him eventually. Subsequent slow trolls yielded many bluefish but nothing else so we heade southeast for deeper waters. We caught a decent dolphin in 140 feet. We had 1 other spit the hook in the same depth. The bite vanished so we kept looking. Saw a nice rip in 180 and set up drifting. We had a cutoff but nothing else so we headed in. On the way back we found a very nice edge with weeds around 80 feet. Went 0/2 on dolphin there. Jayseas decided he was 0/3 because he chose to fish instead of going to church. I guess it pays to be a regular sinner.

Sorry but no pics today.


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