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Yesterday I picked up a decent deal on a Shimano Baitrunner 4500 and a 7' Tuff Tip rod. The rod is perfect and so is the reel, except the line roller is corroded and frozen. Anyone know where I can order a replacement roller, or roller/bail assembly?

Also, I've never used braid (I'm a mono guy), but if I were to spool up with some PP what is the max test recommended for this reel? The spool specs say 195 yds of #20, but how far could I exceed that with braid?
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    Your local repair shop is the best place to get parts. If they dont have it, Shimano is excellent to deal with in my experience.

    IIRC, Braid tests out at around one and a third, to one and a half its rated strength. You can either spool it with line that has the properties you want for the specific purpose, or, if you dont trust yourself to use the reel within the strength perameters it was built for, get a line that will fail at or below the max line rating on the reel.

    Thats a great reel, BTW, as long as it's not your go to plug/ jig reel.
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