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Dive report and question.

1DeadBait1DeadBait Posts: 106 Officer
Did some diving in fort pirece Pepper park and north. The vis was very good as well as current, lots of ledges and rocks but only a few lobster, all were short. Lots of fish, shot a few, fished and caught a few as well.

Heres the queston. At one time on a reef in about 20 feet of water my friend was fee diving, we were working together and so i came back up to the top a few times and stayed down for a while as well. After a little up and down I started staying down for about 10minutes, maybe 15, and I started to get dizzy and feel as if I was going to bloack out or lose conciousness. I grabbed onto a legde and just kinda sat there for a minute and it happened again so I began slowly ascending, during my ascend I blacked out for a second or 2. I surfaced, got on the baot waited about an hour before diving again and stayed down on the rest of the dvies and was fine. What caused this?






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  • Just ChoppyJust Choppy Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Glad your O K please read your dive book on diving physiology.Carbon dioxide toxicity,skip breathe it's effects.Hyperventilation and shallow water blackout.you have alot going on with the way your diving and you may need to change some things. or stop by your dive shop to talk to your instructor to better under stand the full danger of all the above. good post,let us know what you find out.
  • guido4198guido4198 Posts: 2,247 Captain
    You probably don't want to hear this...but after experiencing those kind of "issues"....you shoulda put your gear away and went fishing.
    IF...something had gone tragically wrong think about how your buddy would have sounded as they were carrying your lifeless body up the beach:
    "Oh yea, he kept having dizzy spells, and blacking out...but it was sooo nice down there, he kept going back".
    Glad you had a good day, AND more importantly...got home OK.
  • RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
    As a freediver myself I really don't know much about tank diving rules since I just use my lungs to dive...

    But from my guess if you were down 10 minutes or 15 minutes means you were using tanks while your friend was freediving using just his lungs...

    Shallow water blackout is a term used for freedivers who hold their breaths too long on their under water dives and build up carbon in their body and pass out usually on their way up or even after reaching the top... So, that wouldn't be your case if you use tanks...

    From the little I know about tanks is when people pass out using tanks has to do with usually you didn't decompress properly and time your dives properly... Because I have heard you have to time yourself if you use tanks and you can't stay down there all day long sucking up those gases.... I know a young kid did that this year and rushed up too soon and felt wierd in his head and passed out and never regained conciousness and died...

    I would say sweetie if you are a tank diver you really should take certified classes from an approved place that really will train you and make sure you are using the equipment properly and know what to do if soemthing goes wrong in your dive...

    Now if you are freediving and holding your breath for 10 or 15 minutes down which I really doubt :huh then thats a whole different other conversation... Then you need to research and again take classes to know how to dive safe.... you always should keep your freediving to a limit 1 1/2 miuntes to 2 minutes if you can hold your breath down there that long... Some pros do 3 but its recommended to stay below 2 minutes....

    All in all its mostly alot of young kids who I have been hearing who have died during their dive... Because competitive ways and pushing themselves way to much to catch fish or lobsters.... Please be careful and research more because what happened to you is seriously dangerous and always have a buddy system in case something happens your friend can rescue if you get into any type of trouble....
  • 1DeadBait1DeadBait Posts: 106 Officer
    I got ceritfied and learned all the dive planning stuff about 3months ago. I was on my first dive tht morning in 25feet of water when it happened, 25feet should not need much of a real decompression or saftey stop, But i think when I was going up and down over and over again I ended up with ntriogen build up in my blood and went down to fast on that last decent?

    "Luck has nothing to do with it".
  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    interesting story. i have heard about blackouts and never (thankfully) experienced them.
  • LobstababeLobstababe Posts: 280 Deckhand
    You seem to be young and healthy, if your dive instructor doesn't have an answer for you I'd call your doctor and ask him/her the same question. Better to find out why this happened to you rather than wait to see if it happens again.

    Also, when you do find out let us know!
  • TangomikeTangomike Posts: 38 Deckhand
    Lobstababe wrote: »
    You seem to be young and healthy, if your dive instructor doesn't have an answer for you I'd call your doctor and ask him/her the same question. Better to find out why this happened to you rather than wait to see if it happens again.

    Also, when you do find out let us know!

    Agree with Lobstababe, you ought to talk this over with a medical doctor who understands diving. Divers Alert Network could help you find a good Doc. 25 FSW really makes me wonder if it was dive related or just a coincidental medical condition such as dehydration or a sinus infection. However, if you ever experience a medical situation under water, abort the dive and don't dive again until you figure out what is going on.
  • Kevinwwings2Kevinwwings2 Posts: 1,279 Officer
    Were you maybe excited and holding your breath while diving and not realizing it. I used to get really bad headaches after diving and figured out I was holding my breath slightly trying to extend the length of my dive. Pretty sure I was not planning to do it. It was not something I realized I was doing till I had the headaches, and finally figured it out. Dehydration would be something else I would consider looking into.
    I am not a Dr and am in no means qualified to answer this question, just sharing some mistakes I have realzied I have made in the past 27 or so years of diving.
    I do know I would for sure seek medical information before giving it another shot. At the very least make **** sure your diving with a dive buddy you trust and who nows exactly what is going on and will keep a very close eye on you.
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