Im looking for a fly fishing spot

I have an 8 weight fly rod and I'm looking for a spot where I can fly fish from shore. I dont have a boat or a kayak. Im not looking for any secret spots or anything, just looking for a spot where I can catch any of these fish. Like small tarpon, snook, redfish, jack, seatrout,etc. I live in Hollywood Florida, ( south east Florida and by Miami ). Any help is appreciated. Thanks everybody.



  • Chasing FinChasing Fin Posts: 151 Officer
    Wish I could help but im not familiar with that area. Good luck
  • PeacockFeverPeacockFever Posts: 227 Officer
    I live in Dania, there's a few good saltwater lakes full of baby snook and tarpon, howver a couple of them are really risky to fish strict security guards and my favorite one crawling with nice 20lb tarpon is in an old people community who call the cops on me the second I step onto the lake flat out ridiculous, hate those old hags, just use google maps and explore the dania area, you would be suprised at what you find
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  • SaltH2OSportsmanSaltH2OSportsman Posts: 148 Officer
    Cool guys thanks alot. Ill look around.

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