Tampa Bay Fishing Report 2/19/13

Despite a little wind we had to get out and fish and break in the new boat. We loaded up on some shrimp and hit some spots for sheephead. This time of year I love to target Sheephead and what a great battle they are on light tackle. Make sure you get plenty of shrimp, today two of us went through 15 dozen shrimp and ran out with fish eating. We started out on the incoming tide and work a line of docks. I like to get in the tower and just crews the docks spoting the fish and than just head back at the beging and target the docks with fish. We had pretty good luck and had a dozen nice fish in about a hour. I use 20-30 lb braided line and a nice long leader with about 3-4 ft of 30lb fluorcarbon line. I use anywhere from a 1/4oz up to 3/4 oz lead weight and a 2/0 owner ssw hook. I use jig heads also at times. We caught a few small reds, and one had 9 spots on one side and 4 spots on the other side, pretty cool fish. After the dock action we headed out to the deeper parts of the bay and hit some rocks and a few small ledges. The sheephead were on fire and all nice fat fish. The biggest measured 21". We lost count in the mid 50s. Fish were in depths from 9' and the deepest I found fish 20-25 ft. I did not get a water temp today I totally forgot to pay attention to that. Good luck and go get some. And by the way the new Sheaffer 240V is so bad to the bone.
See you guys on the water.
Hope to hear some drag screaming.


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