Best place to sell old photo equipment

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Other than ebay or Craiglist

Adorama and other shops offer to buy your old equipment and in some cases give you credit for new equipment. I would suspect they give you very little for your old camera bodies and lenses. Anyone have any good places they have used?


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    KEH is another, but if you are trying to move old 35mm or even Medium Format, don't expect alot. I sold all my Medium Format via eBay, also film I had stored. Sometimes you will get College students interested in old film cameras if they are taking classes using film. Just don't expect much. Film days are over.

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    There is a "real" camera store on Northlake in NPB called: The Camera Shop. They take film gear on consignment. It usually is sold to High School and college kids taking thier fist photography class.

    Interestingly, my art student daughter just took her first photo class in college and they didn't use film. I was shocked. I was hanging on to Nikon body I was going to give her, but she didn't want it.

    Also, there is this place a little closer to you, but I have never been there. >>>>>
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